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Printed StickersStickers.  You have probably not thought too much about using stickers to promote your business but it really is a great way to leave your mark on an item.  Here are 5 ways to use stickers to win more business:

1) If you visit/install/repair items on site, why not put a sticker on the side of them so when it breaks down or needs parts, your phone number is right there.  You can even use a Sharpie to write a date on the sticker so that the next service date is visible to the client.

2) If you sell items, put a ‘supplied by’ sticker on the item, and the box it goes in.  You are proud of your brand aren’t you? Much cheaper than getting boxes printed up, especially if you use lots of different sizes.  Think of all the people coming into contact with the item and the package. Great exposure for pennies.

3) Put it on your mail. It’s not always appropriate to slap your brand on your outgoing mail (the VAT man doesn’t care much for it) but if you have something to say, then a sticker can remind the recipient about your new product or service. It’s much easier to sell your products and services to people who you already deal with, you just have to keep letting them know what you do!

4) Change of address is a difficult time for businesses.  An ‘in your face’ sticker can remind people that your address, website, email, bank details have changed.  Probably cheaper and more effective than getting all your material reprinted.

5) Finally, why not use a well designed sticker to create a unique gift item like ‘ Runtime Merlot’?  Get a case of wine, soak off the labels and put one of yours on for the ultimate gift that the client will never know how much you paid for it!  Ideal to thank people and make sure they talk about business to all their contacts. Works with choccies too!

The best reason to think about stickers right now, is because we have them on half price offer until the end of September. Call 01952 457392 for a sample.