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Looking for a cost effective, fun way to promote footfall, product trial or customer loyalty?

Scratch Card PromotionsScratchcards & collector cards are used by some huge companies in the industry.  Scratchcards are great fun, you can give them away in the street, give them to anyone visiting your premises, or post them through the letterboxes of your local businesses.

“Scratchcards are too expensive”
With a 5,000 scratchcard pack, 2 posters and all the design work coming at £599+vat all you have to do is decide what the prizes will be and fund them. Don’t forget that each scratchcard is also an advert for your business.

“I can’t afford the scratchcard prizes”
You don’t have to be that generous!  Here is an example breakdown that will hardly cost you anything to run, and improve your customer loyalty:

1250 cards with ‘Collect 6 of these for a free coffee’
1250 cards with ‘Collect 6 of these for a pastry with any hot drink’
1250 cards with ‘Two lunches for £5.00 Monday to Thursday”
1250 cards with ‘Free coffee with any dessert Monday to Thursday’
10 Hot cards with ‘Free Lunch for 2 Monday to Thursday’

Your exposure is very limited (not everyone will be able to collect 6 cards) and will encourage people back to your place to collect more cards.  There are loads more options, call us for ideas! 01952 457392

“It’s too complicated”
Using scratchcards as collector cards means it couldn’t be simpler.  When they are redeemed, just tear them in half and this will render them void, but you wil know how many have been redeemed so you can measure their effectiveness very easily.

“Is it legal?”
Yes, just don’t sell them! There are a few simple rules that will help you build your business and not leave the system open to abuse.

Why not give us a call and we’ll help you put your promotion together in just 20 minutes. 01952 457392.