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The internet is making all out lives easier, and harder.  As traditional High Street printing shops disappear at about the same rate as actual printers, it’s good to know that in Telford, we are helping more and more businesses save money and get access to great design, online and in person.

All our customers have access to an online account featuring all their previous orders, artwork, file storage, and much more. The majority of our customers also make use of our High St (well, Vineyard Road!) studio to discuss ideas, pick up samples and pick our brains.  We’re cool with this.  In other areas of the country, online is taking over, here in Shropshire things take a bit longer to catch on or we prefer dealing with people.

Being part of the printing.com family gives our customers access to magical stuff that we couldn’t afford to do ourselves. One of these things is called Corporate Templates.  It’s a system that allows businesses to create a library of marketing material, literature and business card templates created specifically and exclusively for them to use.

This is ideal for businesses like car dealers, solicitors with lots of staff and partners, franchisors and organisations.  Our design team will sit down with you and create your templates, decide which bits can be edited and which bits can’t.  You retain the brand integrity and control, your team or franchisees get a simple way to order high quality print quickly, and without the costs to text changes.  If you think you might benefit from this, we’d love to show you a demo.  Email telford@printing.com and tell us about your business.

I could go on for hours about the many benefits, but instead I’ll let voiceover guy a set of screencaps give you the lowdown, via another wonder of the internet – youtube.